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Roof Restoration, Repairs, and Replacement

Keep your roof system in top condition with S & H Roofing, offering roof maintenance, inspections, and design services in Moody, Alabama. We are the number-one roofing contractors in the area. Contact us for more information about our company.

Roof Repairs
Extensive roof repairs are designed to further the life expectancy of your roof. Our highly trained roofing contractors are well versed in all kinds of roof repairs. Roof repair is needed for existing roofing wherever new modifications are made, including additions, new HVAC units, skylights, and satellite dishes.

Roof Restoration
The process of roof restoration takes care of your entire roof system before it eventually wears out. We can help you save thousands of dollars in premature roof replacements and expensive structural damage. As much as 10 years can be added to the useful life of your roof through repairs and resurfacing that restore your roof system to a serviceable condition.

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Roof Replacement
As your building's protection against the elements, the roof is not only the most vulnerable part of the structure, but its integrity is essential. When a roof system is beyond repair or restoration, we can install a re-roofing system by complete tear-off or roof overlay. When it is time to re-roof, S & H Roofing provides you with the best options for your facility and budget.

Roof Systems
We are qualified to install the following types of roof systems:

 • Modified Bitumen
 • Shingles & Metal

 • Built-Up Roofing
 • Thermoplastic Roofing
 • Slate & Clay Tile
 • Metal Roofing
 • Copper & Standing

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